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It's been quite windy today--no way I'd even think about burning yard stuff.

Of course, first I'd have to finish with (or at least get to a good stopping point) the collection of burnables. I may get back to that tomorrow, and maybe even burn some stuff. Rain is in the predictions for next week, starting with Tuesday.

The thing is--I prefer not to go in to work when it's raining. Common sense says not to mess around with wet streets and puddles, with my somewhat compromised walking.

Unfortunately, that doesn't let me off the hook when it comes to inside stuff, such as cleaning and tidying.

So, today was tidying up stuff.

I was far enough past the lunch hour before I thought about eating, so I headed for Arby's for lupper. Besides, I had to pick up a prescription renewal at the Walgreen's between Arby's and my place.

I went through the stack(s) of unread books and settled on a new (to me) author--Margaret Ronald. The book is Spiral Hunt. The protagonist is a young woman with a supernatural sense that helps her track just about anything--from lost objects to lost people. I'm only at page 37, so I can't tell you much more. Yet.

I finished Kitty Raises Hell last night. Very good, as usual.

It would be fun to do a "scholarly" article about the various kinds of magic etc. in Carrie Vaughn's fictional world. A lot of work, but fun.

In my copious free time, of course.

Monday is a definite "go to work" day, so I need to get some yard work done tomorrow. Even if I don't burn the stuff tomorrow, I can build up the pile for the time when it isn't so breezy. And maybe I can get the glad bulbs in the ground. And a few other things that are somewhere. After I read the Sunday paper I'll check on the turtle pond as I add the papers to the "fill."

So--today was just anothehr run-of-the-mill IUD.

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