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I heard ssome thumping noises, accompanied by animal squeaks, coming from the front porch.

When I turned on the light I saw two large raccoons having a "discussion" about the cat kibble I put out for the possums and miscellaneous cats. They (raccoons) practically fell over each other getting off the porch. Meanwhile, I tossed out their dog biscuits, which I'd forgotten to do.

Rhubarb told me the big raccoons are the females, so I guess they are eating for several at this point.

I'm curious as to whether the same is true for possums--that the females are larger.

Incidentally, possums give birth 13 days after insemination. The babies make their way to the pouch, where they each fasten onto a teat and then proceed to develop for several weeks more.

Meanwhile, my domesticated feline is tightly curled up on the papasan, and wishes I would get out of the room and turn off the light.

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