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A Productive Afternoon
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Except that I was not "producing" anything except uprooted weeds.

But I filled the barrel with them. And then chatted with my next door neighbor. I'll add the dried up weeds in the barrel to the burn pile the next time I do outdoor stuff.

Tomorrow will be a work day for me, but according to the weather wizards it will rain Tuesday. Probably. Perhaps.

I ended up spending about an hour after church just chatting with the various people. The current topic for the kids is Other Religions, and last week they went to a mosque. Several people remembered that I once did a presentation about Zoroastrianism and wondered if I was working on anything that might be appropriate. I mentioned my current reading which is focused on "Whatever Happened to the Goddess?". There was a positive response, so I think I will really buckle down with that.

One of the (many) books I've been reading sees the transition as happening as Mesopotamian civilization developed. I was impressed with the scholarship and the arguments the first time I read it, so it will be back to that one. And from there the background reading will spread. One footnote leads to another--book, that is.

Let's see--I fed CC and put out the cat kibble for the possum(s) and other visitors. I need to toss the raccoon biscuits onto the patio so they don't come on the porch and pig out on the cat kibble.

And that's it for this evening.

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