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The person whose papers I am currently processing is(was?) a poet who published a poetry journal. Her husband was a riverboat captain.

Because she published the poetry magazine, there are stacks and stacks of papers relating to this, as well as to her supplementary education anad lecturing events.

In fact, there are six cartons (that would hold twelve reams of paper each) filled with stuff. There is a bit of sorting--by writer/poet's name--but a lot more that hasn't been sorted, such as records for the poetry magazine, and extended "conversations" regarding publication, etc. etc. and so forth.

She is not a Newcomb graduate, but her papers are important for the Women's Center because she is a poet, and she was quite active in the local literary scene.

I got to work at my usual just-before-7 AM hour and had just turned the lights on and was settling myself in when there was a knock on the library door.

Not one but TWO people needed help. One was a guy who needed to check out a book. He really I hoped I could do this for him. I took care of it--he listed his name, student number, and the call number of the book.

The other was a woman who had been told there would be some old Newcomb catalogs waiting for her. She's on a curriculum committee and apparently there was some uncertainty about whether Newcomb had ever had a Music History major per se. She copied out the relelvant catalog pages. Just as she was leaving the librarian/archivist arrived and they chatted briefly.

And all this was before 9 AM!

A sort-of traffic snarl on the way home--they were doing some emergency repair to the far right lane of the High Rise eastbound. Eventually we all got past that and sped on home. No tie-ups or accidents on the Twin Spans (last time I went in to work an 18-wheeler jackknifed and the bridge was shut down.)

I am quite excited--a shopping center right the edge of Slidell on "my" route has a sign up for a supermarket! The center got flooded by Katrina and it was almost two years before it had been repaired enough to start getting stores back. They have a gym, a sandwich shop, a nail salon, and a couple of other things. And it won't be long before I can stop at a more-or-less "regular" supermarket on the way home. Getting in and out of the parking lot is a cinch, unlike the situation at Winn Dixie further down the road.

Once again, and IUD, but it had some highlights.

Now to delve into the latest Analog.

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