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There was a little rain this afternoon, and again in the late evening, but otherwise it was a nice day. I mailed some letters at the post office, then headed to Arby's for lupper, and then out to WalMart for some essentials like possum food, raccoon food, and gas for the car.

It is currently raining, and therefore I have an extremely friendly cat. I heard the raccoons shoving the ice chest around to get to their raccoon biscuits, and I heard noises on the porch that were probably the marsupials shoving the bowl that contains their chow around.

This morning I was all set to weed whack the weeds along the side of the road, but I was too late! The parish had their mowers out trimming things down. I hand-pulled the weeds too close to my bridges to be gotten by the mowers. I would have done more later in the day except there were scattered showers.

Probably my big "accomplishment" for the day was to get my checkbook updated, with checks, withdrawals, and deposits all recorded. And then I paid such bills as still arrive by snail mail. (That's why I stopped at the post office.)

And here it is 9:30 PM and I am not the least bit tired. Tomorrow the alarm will go off at 0505 and I sure hope I wind down a bit more so I get to sleep quickly.

Weather forecasts for tomorrow sound okay--no heavy rains (probably) or other nasty stuff.

Unless, of course, you live along the Pearl River. It and the nearby Bogue Chitto River are both above flood stage. The Pearl is the border between soutern Mississippi and eastern Louisiana. (And when it gets very high it threatens OD's subdivision.)

In earlier years the Pearl flooded a lot more than it does now. Twice I went out with the Red Cross on flood work. The second time I was driver for one of the bigwigs. (The first time I was part of a team evaluating and reporting on water damage.)

Another time I ran a hurricane shelter for Boy Scouts who were about to be stranded at their camp near me, and who had been transferred to the Municipal Auditorium (in Slidell) to wait for the buses to take them back home to New Orleans. (This particular hurricane went inland at Mobile.) YD was with me, and we ended up having a mock campfire and doing Boy Scout and Girl Scout skits and songs. (And eating baloney sandwiches.)

Unless there's really nasty weather tomorrow, I'll be heading in for my archival cartons.

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