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I left the house at about the usual time, but when I got to the bridge I ran into a major slowdown. It was still dark, so it was extremely difficult to see if the drawspan was up. I finally concluded that it was, indeed, in the open position. The big clue was when I saw lights going through. And very shortly after that the traffic began to move again. At least I was on the bridge when I had to stop--there was probably about three miles of similarly stopped cars behind me. (I've been in that situation in the past.)

The rest of the drive was uneventful and I got to work only about five minutes later than usual. Nobody knocking on the door early today.

I put in a full day and headed home somewhat fter 3 PM. I still got caught in a bit of slowdown in a couple of places, but nothing that was really delaying.

The state is in the process of repaving Interstate 10 in the New Orleans area. They are currently working on the stretch to the east of the city--in other words the stretch I travel on.

It is really quite a job, and a lot of the work is done at night when the traffic is much lighter. The only workmen I've seen in my commutes are the ones putting new plants in the neutral ground dividers. (And I am still trying to get used to the presence of palm trees in the landscape. That's only in the last ten years or so. Before that there was a much higher probability of a freeze.)

They're repaving one lane at a time, and they are blacktopping over the original cement. It's somewhat strange to be driving down a three lane highway with two lanes blacktop and the third cement. I cannot begin to guess when they may be finished.

At last!! The Kentucky Fried Chicken place on Claiborne Avenue (which had about 5 - 6 ft. of water from Katrina) has sat there for almost four years with the doors closed, the trash cleaned up, but the sign above the store still advertising " nackers"--and the price. The other day I saw that the whole store had been painted black. I was too busy watching traffic today to see if they were still advertising nackers.

McDonald's was the first fast food store (in that area) to re-open after the storm. They tore the old one down and put up the latest design, with a total of (I think) four drive-through lanes. And the Wendys cleaned up and reopened fairly quickly. As the fast fooderies re-opened the number of food trucks (mobile "restaurants") decreased. I saw several of those with yankeeland license plates.

My Calico Cutie has a new "perfect" cat spot. It's on the somewhat fluffy rug in the computer room, and she leans against my laptop (in its carrier) for support. What is really thoughtful is that she leaves a path so that I can walk in and out of the room without having to ask her to move.

Today is Friday for me workwise. I have a nice long weekend ahead. Hope the weather is decent.

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