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My day started out with a trip to the bank, and then to Arby's for lunch. By the time I got there it was raining somewhat. It quickly changed to a LOT more than somewhat, and in maybe 15 minutes the street (a major one) had about 6 - 8 inches of water running down it. By then it was nearing noon and there was a lot of traffic--meaning it moved slowly. Water depth was about up to the axles on regular cars.

It wasn't too long before the rain let up as did the traffic.

Did I mention that we were under either a tornado watch or a tornado warning? I'm pretty sure the parishes north of us were on warning.

And, of course, that rain was just what was needed with several rivers at or above flood stage.

The evening news showed some streets near Slidell (my town) with significant water, and the residents getting in and out with four-wheelers.

Later in the afternoon I went to WalMart for some more critter food--primarily for CC. Yesterday evening I startled two big female raccoons who were on the front porch. They took off and I was wondering if they would try to get out the access hole in the screen simultaneously, but they were smart and took turns.

Outside it's pretty clear now, and I think is supposed to stay that way at least through the night. Maybe tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, I can get some more yard work done.

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