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Where Did the Day Go?
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I woke up a bit late, then dozed off again.

When I woke up again I made an extended phone call and booked a vacation for this summer. I'm bringing a friend not only for the companionship, but also as a "security" measure with my bad hip.

I am really looking forward to the trip AND the time to spend with the friend.

I will be acquiring several "new" countries--Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Austria. The tour is a Danube cruise. I have missed travelling the last few years and this should perk me up for a while.

My passport with all the previous travelling expired a year or so ago, but I renewed it promptly. No need to stand in line at the passport office in New Orleans--just go to the web site, print out the forms, then send the stuff they need (including, of course, a check). Mine was back in about a week. I found Walgreen's a nice inexpensive place to get the photos.

Now that I've made the travel commitment I shall probably be on a high till July!

And I am wondering if raccoons eat dead wasps. I had a big bunch on the porch from when they left their nests and slithered through between the porch timbers, only to be blasted by Wasp Spray.

However, I don't see them there any more, and the other evening I startled a couple of raccoons who were on the porch, in the area where the wasp corpses had fallen. If the raccoons ate them I hope the insecticide won't be harmful.

So, with one thing and another, today flew by.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get myself back outside attacking the yard.

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