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Finally Feeling Awake
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It took me a while to get to sleep last night, but my body made up for it this morning. I didn't feel more or less totally rested till after 10 AM.

That plays havoc with a day, but I didn't have anything truly urgent on my agenda. Pet the cat, of course, and tidy up a bit. But that was it.

I headed out for a late lunch about 3 PM and settled in at Arby's with a sandwich and a new book. This one is by Lilith Saintcrow and I can't recall the title. The protagonist has all sorts of "talents" and the local police department uses her to help train rookie cops and for her help in solving paranormal crimes.

Growing up and developing reading tastes for science fiction and fantasy definitely helps with accomodating oneself to a rapidly changing world.

Dick Tracy had his wrist radio--and now we have cell phones. And these cell phones do just about everything but the dishes.

In my EE courses at college in the mid-50s we learned all about vacuum tubes.

Whatever. The attitude to take is to look forward with anticipation to change, and to maintain flexibility in one's thinking.

This morning I got caught up in the telecast from the space station. The local (not PBS) educational channel does that every Saturday morning. This time it was (in part) a Q & A session between Japanese students and a Japanese astronaut.

Weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow--maybe I'll get some more yard work done.

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