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Back to work today, and I really went at the current collection.

It's by a writer/poet etc. who edited a poetry/fiction magazine for quite a few years. She and her husband (a riverboat pilot) also held poetry readings in their backyard, in a small building.

Her papers consist of notes and letters from almost everybody with whom she had written contact. They are sort of alphbetized already, but not "cleaned." By that I mean there are staples and metal paperclips holding things together. All those have to go and be replaced by Plasticlips. (And if you google that term you'll end up at a site where you can buy them by mail.) And, I cut down multiple copies to two of each.

Because there are so many names involved, I had to decide whether to give each name its own folder, or put several names in each folder. Thinking about the cost of folders, not to mention the space they take, makes that a no-brainer. I'm filing them with at least four names per folder--unless one person rates a solo folder because of quantity of stuff.

Every name that goes into the folders will get mentioned in the inventory. All that stuff will be online, so people searching for a particular person will know that there is something about their subject/person in the collection.

It was a quiet day--a lot of the students are heading home for Easter weekend, I guess. They had Spring Break at the beginning of March.

My drive was essentially inconsequential both ways--no traffic slowdowns or tie-ups. Little by little the interstate repaving project is progressing. Westbound it's looking good. My drives are before work times and after work times. They do NOT work during peak traffic hours.

And now for a restful evening watching mindless TV and reading the Lilth Saintcrow book.

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