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Work again today, and I made a fair amount of progress.

Instead of using a folder for each name--when frequently there are only a couple of sheets of paper--I'm putting three or four of those "shorties" in a folder. All the names will go in the inventory. With luck, I'll end up with at least one carton less, not to mention saving a huge number of folders. And I don't think the acid-free folders are cheap.

I called the travel agency to ask if I had been registered, because my account hadn't been debited for the deposit. The woman agreed--and couldn't figure out why the previous person hadn't hit that last key. So she took care of the financial transaction.

This must be a really slow season--the buy one, get one free on the cruise portion, and on other tours they are giving free air fare for the second person in the group. I haven't looked at other tour agencies to see if they are doing the same thing.

If you're thinking of a tour, check out Grand European Tours. You already know they are discounting right and left. (And if you should use them, mention who told you about them.) (YD: this was the "if it's Tuesday it must be Belgium" tour--complete with the traffic jam on the way back to Calais.) (And the unmentioned walk through the red light district of Amsterdam.)

I've done my two days of work, and now I have a lovely long weekend stretching ahead of me. Between the yard and the house, there's no lack of stuff to do. And having someone come to my house (even though it's not till July) should be an incentive.

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