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I heard rather close mower noises and went outside to check on it.

It was my lovely neighbors to the west knocking down some of the weeds that pass for grass. I went out to thank her, and in the inevitable chat that followed I became dinner for a bunch of mosquitos.

I also gave her a half dozen treelets that were a "gift" when I donated to the Arbor Day foundation (or something like that.) I'd put them in the fridge so they'd think it was still winter. It will be intersting to see if they "take."

My plans for today had included yard work, but but right after lunch I did some grocery shopping. Among other things, I was out of the small cans of cat food that I've been using since Lady went off.

And when I sat down after getting the groceries inside and more or less away, I made the mistake of reclining. I think the nap lasted about two hours.

Well, my body must have needed the sleep.

Tomorrow maybe I can get yard work done. I do hope I have mosquito repellent in the house.

I told my neighbor about the upcoming vacation trip. She and her husband LOVE cruises--in fact they got married on one. She asked where? and I said "the Danube." That stopped her for a moment--she was expecting that I'd be going on a Caribbean cruise--of which there are many.

This will be only my second vacation since Katrina. The first was two summers ago to Rochester NY, where I have some marvelous friends.

So much for today--I need to go to sleep at a decent hour so I wake up in time to get more yard stuff done.

And . . .ahhhhh. My legs have stopped itching.

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