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My computer is now functioning just fine and I have a lovely new monitor.

I have no idea why my posts of the past few days have not uploaded--I was using my laptop and was able to access the internet thanks to the miracle of a home network. I read e-mail. I think I may have responded to some, but since my blog posts didn't upload, the e-mails may not have gone through.

I also have a nicely cleaned up computer. I was doing just fine with assembling and hooking up the new monitor, but I forgot to manually turn it on. I said the h*** with it and called the local computer guy, who came out fairly quickly.

He admired my work to date, and then hit the magic switch that turned the monitor on. (I had gotten everything right in the hookup, at least.)

Then he did a general checkup and cleanup. He seemed quite impressed by the anti-virus tools YD had put on and didn't think I needed anything more, at least not at the moment.

My weekend was one of frustration with the computer. Since I have an Incredibly Unremarkable Life, not much was missed.

I spent yesterday at home. I think rain was threatening so I skipped church.

This morning I treated myself and my feet to a pedicure. It's getting to be time to wear sandals without socks. Pedicures are such lovely pampering. And Monday is NOT a busy day the nail place inside WalMart.

After getting my toes all prettied up I did a bit of shopping--mostly beast food, but also a pink hydrangea which was marked down 50%. Tomorrow I plan to go in to work, but my next day home I'll plant it.

My new monitor is lovely and bright, and the rectangular screen is more readable.

If this entry doesn't upload, I may scream.

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