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I had barely begun my trek into New Orleans when the traffic people came on the radio to (cheerfully) give the news that a large truck had overturned on the Interstate westbound (my morning direction) and that section of interstate had been temporarily closed down. They gave alternative routes--mainly that of using the "shortcut" of I-610--but that was not an alternative for me. So I continued on, quite surprised that traffic was moving better than usual, and eventually got to the last exit before the closure where the cops were directing everyone off.

I have not done much driving on surface streets in that area and was trying to figure out whether to turn right or left. I decided "head for the river" and lo and behold--the first traffic light I encountered was for the street I eventually end up on!! (Claiborne, for those who know New Orleans.) I missed it, but had no trouble making a U-turn (Elysian Fields has a humongous neutral ground) and picking it up. Probably the last time I'd driven on that particular section of that street was in the sixties, before the Interstate got built. It's the street I exit onto for the last phase of my drive in.

So, it took me maybe five minutes (ten max) more to get to Tulane today.

By the way--I always carry a New Orleans street map in the car. You never know when it might come in handy.

The rest of the day was almost as usual. The "almost" was the semi-annual book sale in the lobby. Sales seemed sort of slow today, at least during the lunch hour. I bought a couple of books, including one of the newer "Cat Who" books, which I shall start this evening.

And another day has (almost) passed.

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