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Where Did she Go?
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I woke up this morning to discover that CC was not in the house. She wasn't outside--at least nearby--either.

Naturally, after Lady's recent disappearance I was quite worried.

I filled in the time with some cleanup work. About 3 PM I heard the UPS truck and went outside to see what package I was getting. And there was Spot. I said hello to him and asked him where his lady friend was. He doesn't run away when I talk to him, but he is also quite wary. (He probably knows what will happen to him if I catch him.)

Next thing I knew CC was in the yard and wanting to eat. I breathed a sign of relief, then fed her--and put some stuff on the porch for Spot.

I guess the two of them were out hunting and/or just being companionable.

CC spent most of the rest of the afternoon close to me.

(The UPS package was some archival paper clips I'd ordered. They're completely out at work, they don't cost that much, and it's faster if I just go ahead and buy them myself.)

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