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Nothing Spectacular
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That's another way of saying IUD.

I slept rather late--probably because a cat curled herself on top of me about 6 AM. And we all (cat-owned at least) know how feline sleep rhythms reinforce human sleep rhythms.

The house got somewhat tidied, I watched the Hornets beat the Denver Nuggets in the last minute or two of their NBA playoff game, then I went for lupper at Arby's.

And got several chapters into the maybe next-to-last Cat Who book. It's far, far, better (so far) than its successor. Its successor was so awful that I doubt I'll read any more of them. Too many events at the end came out of the blue and for no apparent purpose.

My Incredibly Unremarkable Day then took me to Wal-Mart for a few things, such as critter food. It was late enough that I missed the Saturday rush.

And now I shall put out the raccoon food (I already filled the Stripe/Spot/Possum food dish on the porch) and then settle in for pointless TV in the background while I read the Braun book.

Didn't I say "nothing spectacular?"

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