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Sonic Screwdriver
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One my tires was looking a un-round so I figured I'd put some air in it.

There is a huge compressor in the garage and the proper fittings for replenishing tire air.

So, I started it up and started untangling the hose to see if it was long enough to reach the car somewhere. Then I looked for the Sonic Screwdriver (air pressure gauge) that is SUPPOSED to be in a certain place.

Okay--go to plan B, which is get the one out of my car that is supposed to be there. I didn't find it.

I figured that Walgreen's would have one (after all, it's a drugstore) but as I headed that way I realized that the car parts place would surely have one, if it was still open. It was, and I bought two.

And headed home, via Wendy's where I got myself a salad.

I pulled up close to the garage, knocking down all sorts of valuable plants weeds on the way.

All four tires are now nicely inflated. I have made a mental note to tape the hose some more where it was leaking.

And I am now inside, in the air-conditioned room, drying off.

Always have a sonic screwdriver in your car.

(And if don't know about sonic screwdrivers, you never watched Dr. Who--at least the ones with the Third Doctor.)

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