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Based on my work schedule, today is Friday. I don't plan on going in to work again till next week.

It was an interesting day--there was a guest speaker shortly after lunch. She's a local woman who recently published a book about her post-K experiences. I bought two copies of it--one for me and one to give away.

Her talk was primarily about how the publisher wanted one type of picture and cover illustration and she said NO. The proposed cover was insulting to women in that the illustration apparently implied that women could not be taken seriously. And that a "sexy" pose was essential to sell books.

She eventually won out, but she had a bit of a battle.

One of the neat parts about doing what I do is that I get to hear and meet all sorts of interesting people. I doubt I would drive in just for that, but I'm glad I was there.

I also ran into the lady that runs the Tulane bookstore and she told me she'd seen YD's book in a catalog and had ordered some.

After the talk there was some socializing, then I went back to my work until I reached a logical stopping point.

Tomorrow it will be back to the house and yard and cleaning/tidying of both.

Stripe was waiting for me when I got home. CC had already gone inside, and as soon as Stripe heard the cat food can open he was on the porch, just waiting for the leftover to appear. By the time I had moved 10 feet away he was (reasonably) daintily eating the leftover wet food.

And now it's time to put out the dry food for the possum and the dog biscuits for the raccoons. Since this was a work day they get a couple of apple cores from my lunch.

Such a lovely L O N G weekend ahead!

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