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Very dull day. Very dull entry.

Don't say you haven't been warned!

Without having to set the alarm, my body let me sleep till about 8 AM. (On work days I leave the house at 6 AM.)

I puttered around the house doing some of the tidying stuff and then I read a bit.

A bit after noon I decided to do some errands and then eat at Arby's and read some more.

Big success in the first errand!! I had a page from the
Sunday paper with a nice-looking, STURDY lawn chair pictured. On sale for $20.

Which was more than I really wanted to pay, but I wasn't seeing much of what I want (need) for much less. (I think they quit making them.)

I had saved the page from the advertising insert, but the page didn't have the store name on it. I crossed fingers and went to a place called "Fred's" and found it. It is quite the fancy chair for weeding, but it is lovely and comfortable. I bought it. As I was leaving the store, with this largish chair balanced in the basket, it fell off. A guy saw it happen and offered to take it to my car. I thanked him profusely. Fortunately my car was only a few feet away. Fortunately (also) I had not expressed a verbal opinion of the situation.

And as I was backing out, there was an oh-so-polite woman who blocked the traffic so I could get out--and free the rather good parking space for her.

Following that, the excitment continued as I had lupper at Arby's and read some more in my mystery mind-candy.

And then I headed for home, with a stop at Walgreen's to pick up a prescription. When you leave the drive-through you can go right and cut through the parking lot of what used to be PJ's. I did that, and noticed a new sign in one place. The new owner was there and was happy to chat and tell me all about the soon-to-be open yogurt bar/sandwich/coffee shop.

He pointed out(proudly) the rebuilt stairs and ramp at the entrance. And he talked about screening in the back porch, etc. Sounds like it will be a nice place.

Our governor(Jindal) was on the evening news talking (extensively) about swine flu etc. He is a brilliant man with a good grounding in the health management field. Politically, he's a wee bit too far right for my tastes, and I'm not too happy at the way he's been bopping around the country raising election funds. However, he spoke quite rationally and explained things in understandable language. This is definitely something to keep an eye on.

And a glance at the clock tells me I'm going to miss a bit of "Bones" if I talk much more.

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