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For those who might be interested in what has consumed much of the city for the last three weekends, check out cold spaghetti.

I managed not to masssively oversleep this morning (as I did last week) and made it to church. Afterwards, there is coffee etc, and a large part of the etc. is chit chat. One of the highly involved men (he may be president) came up to me and made some comment about me preparing a presentation. I'm trying to remember to whom I mentioned that I was thinking about working up a "Whatever Happened to the Goddess?" thing. Guess I need to really get cracking on that.

We are currently managing with two quarter time ministers so whwen there is none a member or two conduct the service. And there are lots and LOTS of sermons on the internet.

Today's topic was (briefly)--If you were on trial for being a UU, would there be enough evidence to prove you guilty?

(Actually, you can substitute just about any denomination in that question.)

The woman who read it did a marvelous job.

It was a lovely day outside, and the post-service social time went on for about an hour.

I stopped to fill up the gas tank and then crossed fingers and went into WalMart. There was motorized cart available, so I got more than just dry cat possum and raccoon food.

I was especially excited to find a pair of shoes in the style I wear. I need an open toe and very secure fastenings. I have several pairs already, but most of them are showing their age. This is a pair of Dr. Scholl's in a very attractive beige. (Unfortunately, the only other color available is a navy and beige. I'd like to see a pure black.)

The rest of today was taken up by putting away the purchases, eating lunch, and having a major sinking spell. I don't think I'll go in to work tomorrow--the weather forecast suggests probable rain.

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