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(ordinary day, that is)

I got some stuff done around the house, watched the sky get really cloudy for a while, then decided it wasn't going to rain and headed out for Target. Their ad yesterday had included a sale on tee shirts.

However, all the t-shirts were a stretchy knit, which definitely does not go well with generous endowments that have had about 60 years to yield to the call of gravity.

It wasn't a total loss--I ran into an old friend from my days with Slidell Little Theatre and we chatted a bit. I of course managed to work YD's book into the conversation. I also spotted a new Alexander McCall mystery, which I bought.

The t-shirt sortie having been a dud, I headed back home, but was drawn to the interstate, which is a quick way to get to Arby's. I hadn't had lunch, so I settled down there with the new book and a leisurely lupper.

It is highly unlikely that anything outstandingly remarkable will happen in what remains of the day, so I look forward to an evening of reading and TV--with maybe a cat on my lap.

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