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Busy Day
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I got a lot done today and have reduced a carton of material to about 2/3 carton of material--all by saving no more than two copies of anything.

The next time I go in (tomorrow or Thursday) I'll get that carton completed. Then I'll bring home the inventories and type them up here. That way is so much easier than finding an available PC there. (Tulane uses Macs, and has since I was a student there.)

I must be in a period of positive energy or something because I had zero slowdowns either going in or coming home. The latter was the biggest surprise--usually there's something--even if it's just a lot of cars--to slow traffic to a trickle at some point along the way.

Stripe was waiting in the front for me to come home. Or maybe he was guarding the place. I don't even try to go near him, because he's so skittish. I talk quietly to him and get at least six feet away after I put out the can with the "leftover" cat food.

Well, cats generally don't like yesterday's food, mostly because it's cold and congealed from being in the fridge. So, since the regular flat can of generic cat food costs less than the half-the-size can of generic Special Kitty, it costs me nothing to give him the remainder. In fact, it saves me money.

I'm taking it really slowly with him and eventually he may trust me enough to get petted.

The blood lady called me today to remind me that it's been eight weeks since my last donation. I told her that I have it on my calendar. If I stay home tomorrow I shall probably give it a try. (And if I don't stay home I'll give it a try Thursday.)

I think I'll hold off on that decision till I've seen the weather forecasts.

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