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Bird Catching
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I went into my office to get something (I've forgotten what now) and there was a young bird sitting on some books in a corner.

There were two possibilities for how it got there:

The first is the nest next to the AC unit on the outside. There's a small area behind the nest where a bird might have wiggled in. (One time CC managed to get a paw up there and snagged a baby bird.)

Or--CC might have brought one in to play with.

At any rate, the bird was there, and as I leaned toward it, it ducked under the papasan.

I got a flashlight, closed the door behind me, then managed to get the screen off the other window in the room, and open the window.

It took me a while, but I finally caught the bird and tossed it out the window. (Even with the AC on the sweat was pouring down me.)

The window is now closed and the screen back on. And I need to cool down.

Later this afternoon or evening I'll try to secure the AC opening a bit more.

For the first time in YEARS there is a movie I want to see--when it comes out this summer. It's the Star Trek prequel. The channel that runs the TV schedule on the bottom of the screen had a long piece about this on the upper screen. New actors, of course. (There is no WAY that William Shatner could even come close to fitting the uniform!)

And because I was watching that I didn't quite get around to doing the stuff I'd planned to in the morning. I'm not going in to work at all next week--graduation is on Saturday and the campus will be filling up with a zillion or more other activities, parents, and alums.

I hope I don't have any more bird-catching to do.

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