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What Happened to this Afternoon?
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I had a relaxing morning and in the latter part of it I went to WalMart for a pedicure. It's getting warmer and I'm tired of wearing socks.

They were pretty busy, but the woman next to me and I struck up a conversation. Eventually they were finished with me and I sat up front where they have the lights to help dry the polish.

Once my toes were considered "done" I headed back to the WalMart entrance to get a shopping cart, which I proceeded to fill with critter crunchies and a few things of human food. AND--(joy of joys)--a fabric covered lawn chair in the style I need for weeding!

Eventually I made it back home. Probably two-thirds of the "haul" has been brought inside and stowed in appropriate places.

At some point I drifted into a "sinking spell" and woke up about 1830! Luckily, I had fed the cat before I sank.

I guess tomorrow will be a yard day. Starting in the morning.

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