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Saturday Already
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Time is hard to keep track of when it's "open" as far as "must" activities go.

That's what this past week has been.

It's definitely getting "warm" around here and it won't be long before I'm seeking out air conditioned places for the afternoons.

I could always spend the afternoon at home in my office room--which definitely has AC. But PJ's or someplace similar offers the hope of running into someone.

That was not the case today--PJ's was practically deserted until just before I left.

I did get some quality geek reading done while I was there, and I remembered to stop at the gas station (it's over $2 a gallon again) and fill up the tank.

When I got back I was greeted by a calimese tabby who believed that her supper was (long) overdue. I took care of that matter, but I didn't see Stripe. If he shows up before any of the other porch visitors I'm sure his portion will still be there. If he's too late, there is always the big bowl of possum chow--aka cat kibble.

Tulane's graduation was (is, are?) today. I should really try to find a calendar to see when the summer session starts. That has an impact on parking, of course. I do plan on going in next week--probably for my usual two days, but haven't decided which two days.

The evening news included a thunderstorm watch, but nothing has happened and--based on the weather radar--nothing will, at least for several hours.

It would cool off the evening air nicely if it rained. It would also raise the humidity to about 105%, but let's not be picky.

Till tomorrow.

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