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(Incredibly Unremarkable Sunday)

Made it to church and glad I did. The kids did presentations of all the various world religions they've been studying this year. It was well done and extremely interesting.

I stayed a while after for coffee and conversation, then headed to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription renewal I'd phoned in. Needless to say, I also picked up some other stuff.

When I left a man waiting outside greeted me, and (as usual) I was blank on his name. I know him from Red Cross and a variety of other places, and his daughter took swimming lessons from me. He's now retired from the Fire Department. We chatted a bit, then I headed back home.

As usual, I took the "short cut" which goes through the (former) PJ's parking lot. The owner of the not-yet-open place was trimming back some bushes, so I stopped to chat a bit. He hopes to open within the month. The conversation ended when the first raindrops fell.

And by the time I was half a block away it had gone to almost torrential. Lovely. :(

However, it was such a localized cloudburst that by the time I got home (two miles, roughly) I was able to stop in the driveway, walk across the street to the paper tube, get the Sunday paper--and not get wet.

And that was it for the rain!

The afternoon was equally unexciting--I read the paper then had a short nap. It was still overcast and the foliage was wet, so outdoor work wasn't particularly practical.

I plan to go in to work tomorrow if it's reasonably clear .

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