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I slept so badly last night that about 3AM I e-mailed the librarian that, since insomnia was currently my companion, I wouldn't be in till Tuesday.

And then my body settled down to serious sleeping.

Even though I slept late, I still had a fairly productive day, especially in the weed department.

It was a low humidity day and I managed to put in a couple of hours weeding along the very front of the driveway. It's so nice when the results of dumb stuff like weeding are satisfactorily visible. Possibly one more trash barrel load of weeds and I'll burn the accumulated stuff.

CC has decided that she MUST be near me when I'm at the computer. We have had several "discussions" about walking on the keys and she is currently curled up at my left. It's beside the point that I've moved the keyboard to accomodate her. And when I finish I'll cover the keyboard just as I always do to reduce the quantity of cat hair that might drift onto it.

When I was out weeding Stripe meandered by and seemed surprised that I was outside. He was already on the porch when I put the food out there for him. One of these years maybe he'll trust me enough to let me get close.

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