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CC and I are having a difference of opinion as to where she should be when I am using the computer.

It DOES NOT WORK when she walks back and forth across the table, blocking the screen, and sometimes even doing some typing of her own.

There are at least two places within scritching distance that she could use. But I think that would be breaking a major Cat Commandment.

I put in a full day at work, and am making visible progress on the collection of the poet. She has things pretty well organized in her files, so much of what I am doing is removing staples and replacing them with Plastiklips. And switching things to acid-free folders when necessaary.

It was really quiet at Tulane--graduation was last Saturday and I'm not sure when the summer sessions begin.

I'll be staying home tomorrow--my power steering has a leak and I need to talk to the mechanic tomorrow. It's a good thing I have strong shoulders when it goes out.

Never a dull moment.

CC and Stripe were apparently off hunting when I arrived home, and it was about 15 minutes before they appeared. CC was enthusiastic about her food, and Stripe really tore into the rest of the can of it. He's getting a little more trusting.

What a difference a week+ made with the light on the drive in. I had my headlights on, but even before I got to the Lake I didn't really need them. I left them on, however, as a sort of safety thing.

And how about New Orleans getting the 2013 Super Bowl!! That, of course, is the big news today around here.

Guess that's it--time to watch TV reruns and read. Time was when 3/4 of the year was new shows and 1/4 reruns. I think that's almost reversed now.

(And the time spent on commercials has skyrocketed. Used to be you had to rush to complete a "pit stop" during a commercial. Now there's almost enough time to take a bath during them!)

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