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The Cat is On My List
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(Late Addition: Entry time: 0041) Journalscape takes its time about uploading entries, as I just discovered. That explains the previous entry, which just reappeared. I need to take the "closed" part off. I wonder what keys she stepped on.)

I had about two paragraphs written on this post, telling about how the cat was being really nice just curled up asleep next to the keyboard.

And then she woke up and started pacing and there went two paragraphs (more or less) of entry.

So--where was I?

Ah yes--today was devoted to Charlaine Harris and Sookie Stackhouse.

A couple of weeks ago the latest of her Sookie Stackhouse books arrived. Obviously, I had preordered. As I read it I realized that I had missed at least one (and probably more) books. So I ordered the two previous ones.

Dead and Gone was two books before, but it was a great one to begin with for catching up. I finished that this morning, and immediately started on From Dead to Worse.

It was overcast outside, and threatening to rain (it's still threatening) so I had perfect excuse for not doing yard work. I have tentative plans to finish All Together Dead tonight.

I was not a total bookworm--I did the monthly (more or less) balancing of the checkbook. Being able to access and print out my bank statement any time I want keeps me more up-to-date in the financial department.

Tomorrow may also be rainy, but--assuming my car has a successful power steering pump transplant--I'll be out erranding. The furthest I've been from my yard since Tuesday evening has been across the street to the mailbox.

When I told the librarian about my car problem, she reminded me that the university would be closed on Monday for Memorial Day.

Since I don't have kids in school, and I'm not teaching, and noone in the family has an official work holiday--it's hard to keep track of these Monday holiday things.

At any rate--it's back to the world of vamps, telepaths, were-creatures, fairies, etc.

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