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It seems that the power steering pump was not the only thing leaking--behind it is a valve that also leaks.

Ordinarily, not a problem, except that the parts place had closed already, and won't be open till Tuesday. Stupid holidays.

I decided to bite the bullet--since my dietary choices are getting slimmer--and called about a rental car. Unfortunately, that's not possible till tomorrow. The place closes at 1 and anyway the person there was alone and therefore could not pick me up.

Needless to say, my mood is not a happy one.

On the other hand, a carload of Witnesses came by this morning and lo and behold--one was the woman who used to clean for me!!! I now have her phone number. She's very nice, and never tries to preach or convert.

That sort of counterbalances the car thing.

I was about two-thirds expecting wet weather today at some point, but the tropical-type system seems to moving a bit north of here. (Love that weather radar!) Since it no longer looks like imminent rain I think I'll burn my weedings pile a bit later. The heap is getting fairly good-sized.

I finished the Charlaine Harris books this morning and have not yet decided what I'm in the mood to read next.

I've pre-ordered Harris's upcoming Sookie Stackhouse and ordered something I ran across on a web site--Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches' Guide to Romance Novels. It soundsd quite interesting, and I strongly suspect that they would like it at the Women's Center Library when I have finished.

Oops!! just made a major mistake. CC was curled up on the printer and I spoke to her. That meant she had to get up and pick her way over to me (avoiding the keyboard) to get some petting. She's spent an energetic day napping, and any minute she'll realize that it is just about mealtime.

And I need to decide what to read next. (And what to eat for supper.)

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