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Stupid Cat
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Cat has been banned from the room while I am trying to write something.

One time too many she did something that wiped out an almost-complete entry.

She was "just being friendly" but there is a time and a place for everything.

Just after 9 AM I called the car rental place only to find that, once again, the staff member was alone. It seems that the manager--who was supposed to work this morning--had a heart attack last night. He's doing fine, but he's in the hospital. And she was once again alone.

Time for Plan B.

I called one of the local taxi agencies and about 20 minutes later the guy arrived. He pulled right into the driveway so I didn't have too far to walk.

He's a long-time local and knew just where my street is. We chatted about all the changes, and he delivered me to WalMart, where I thought I got almost everything until I looked at a list I'd stuffed in a pocket. The other stuff can wait.

When I finished I called the taxi people again and in about ten minutes another guy drove up. He helped stash the groceries in the trunk, but then needed directions to Garden Drive. Obviously, he hasn't lived here a good long time. I told him, and then clued him in to the fact that taking a certain street through the Huntwyck subdivision near me would make for one less stop sign than staying on the main drag. Once home, he was figuring the cost and asked if I was a senior. (The first guy didn't ask--if knew all that about old Slidell I was sure to be one.) I assured him I most certainly was. I'd already added a substantial tip to what was on the meter because of the lugging groceries all over the place.

Once inside I put the perishables away, then reclined on the couch to watch the Indy 500. I woke up as they were putting the wreath around the neck of a three-time winner. I had dozed off during one of the periods when they were under the yellow flag.

I am now set for a while on food and (mentally) lighting candles for the part to be available on Tuesday.

And I think I shall burn the yard trash pile this evening so I can start a new one tomorrow.

(I guess I need to give CC some extra petting to make up for tossing her out. But to have a whole entry zapped!!)

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