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It was good to get back to work, although for a while I wasn't sure just when I would get there.

I've mentioned the bridge over Bayou Liberty, which occasionally opens when I am waiting to get to the other side. However, this doesn't usually happen at approximately 0615.

Except for today. Guess because it's light earlier that boats are out earlier.

Fortunately I was relatively near the bridge itself--maybe 15 - 20 cars behind. The interesting part was the cars behind me, quickly backing up. I'll lay odds that tie-up went past the traffic light that I avoid by taking the hypoteneuse of the triangle made by three streets.

Finally the boat got through and the bridge began its slow return to where it should be. And the traffic proceeded forward.

And then I spotted flashing red lights. Oh excrement big time!!! A TRAIN was coming through. Very slowly. This is not the time when trains usually come through. And, judging by the "leisurely" pace, it had to have stopped just up the road a piece.

I'm sure the half mile or so of cars behind me were thinking nasty thoughts.

All told, it was about a 15 minute delay. Glad I'm not on a time clock.

Fortunately, that was the end of the slowdowns, and I got to work maybe ten minutes later than I like to. I got my usual great parking spot, and then went on inside.

The rest of the day was basically normal, although quiet. No student employees this summer, at least so far.

Going home was a breeze--no slowdowns at all. Guess that was my reward for this morning.

Back in Slidell, I looked over at the grocery store that has been closed since Katrina and it definitely looked open!! And this evening's paper had a sale ad confirming that. It's ideally located for a quick stop on the way home. It even has sushi. It's almost four years since Katrina, which flooded everything around there.

Stripe is improving at meal time. He's gone from a serious hiss to mostly just curling his upper lip back and letting a little tooth show. And as soon as he's sure I'm inside he starts eating. He no longer wolfs the food down either, but savors it a bit.

The mail had a nice surprise--a book that I ordered less than a week ago. It's about heaving bosoms and writing romance novels. YD mentioned it in one of her entries. It looks quite interesting, and I'm thinking it might be usedful in the women's center library where I work. After I finish reading it, of course.

I can't really call this an Unremarkable Day--not with having to wait for the bridge AND a freight train.

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