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I think it will be early to bed this evening, whether I plan it or not.

Yep--did a bunch more weeding/trimming/raking on the driveway. It was two trash barrels' worth, and I figure one or two more and it will be bonfire time.

But that will NOT be today.

I continued reading Beyond Heaving Bosoms while I luppered at Arby's. It is truly marvelous reading--and has very good points to make about depiction of women (and men) in bodice-rippers.

And yes--I got to the wang of mighty loving'. And the virgin widow.

This evening I sat down in the rocking chair in the living room, in front of the sliding glass door, right after I put out the half can of Sliced Beef for Stripe. He wasn't too sure about eating when I was visible, but the aroma soon convinced him that it was probably worth taking a chance. By the time he finished he was paying maybe 98% of his attention to the food, and 2% to me. He got the last bits out of the can by scooping with a slightly extended claw, then daintily eating it from the claw.

Did I mention I'm tired? I am.

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