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A Day to Relax--so far
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Other than going to church, and then getting stuff (mostly for the four-footed beasties) at WalMart, today has been really uneventful.

I snuck in a nap in the early afternoon, and I've been reading the J. D. Robb book. (Can't recall the title at the moment, and don't feel like going to the other end of the house to check it.)

I haven't yet decided whether I want to tackle yard work this evening, or wait till tomorrow. If I wait till tomorrow there will be (slightly) taller weeds to pull, for what that is worth. I have decided that tomorrow will NOT be a (New Orleans) work day.

At the moment, we are in a relatively high pressure period, and that translates into somewhat lower humidity. This whole week is supposed to be good weather. (Famous last words!)

I haven't had the TV on, so I don't know if the world has ended, but I suspect it hasn't.

Any minute now I expect to be informed of the imminent starvation of a certain calimese cat.

Oh--yesterday Stripe was sitting out on the front porch meowing for his dinner also. Is he taking things for granted or not!

Gas prices continue to climb--again. What do you expect--vacation time is coming up.

Time to tend to the four-footed ones.

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