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Saturn's Day
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Woke up a bit later than usual this morning and lolled about for a while.

When I finally got moving I caught up with the past week's financial stuff, not to mention the beginning of the month stuff.

And some household tidying.

Around mid-afternoon I headed out for a swing by the post office to mail the bills etc. that had been part of the "financial stuff". . . .

I followed that with an early supper at Arby's. I had their Market Fresh Chicken Salad sandwich, which is guaranteed (almost) to overflow when trying to eat it. No matter--I wasn't trying to impress anybody.

The humidity has been really low today, so I haven't done any significant sweating. And I don't want to start now by doing early evening yard stuff. All that can wait till tomorrow afternoon. (If I get lucky it will rain.)

No deep thoughts about anything today--haven't watched the news yet.

I have, however, had the radio on and have been reminded that D-Day was 65 years ago. Odds are strong that most of you reading this do not have D-Day in your memory banks. (Or Pearl Harbor, for that matter.)

One uncle was in the army in the European theater, and the other was in the Navy in the Pacific. My father was not in the service because of a semi-crippled left arm and deafness. I'm not sure why my paternal uncle wasn't in the service--maybe because he worked for Esso?

My mother did a lot of knitting for soldiers, and even though I was in single digits I did some too.

It seems like there has been something military the U. S. has been involved for most of my life. After WWII it was Korea, then Vietnam. You can fill in the rest.

Enough of the reminiscing--too much and I'll sound like an "old folks."

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