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*/&%#~ Blackberries
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Today was Be Productive Day.

I got a substantial amount of yard stuff done, in part because I chose the shadiest area to work in.

BTW--I hate blackberries and dewberries. At least I found some gardening gloves that block most of the thorns. However, since what is gardening without a wound I managed to catch a bit of my thumb in some clippers. It's just a small hole which bled profusedly for a bit (thus cleaning it out) and appears to have sealed itself off since this morning. At the moment, no tenderness at all. (Wonder if the magic incantation I uttered took care of any problems?)

By the time I had cooled down (and dozed off) it was time to tend to errands. I ended up at Arby's again for supper. I'm looking forward to the opening of the former PJ's. It's going to be a sandwich shop/yogurt bar, etc. It's a lot closer, if their food is any good and reasonably priced.

Tomorrow will be a work day, and after today it will be like a vacation. Plus--it's air-conditioned, unlike the Great Southern Outdoors.

I don't think I'll have any problems getting to sleep tonight.

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