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I went in to work today and made significant progress on the collection I've been working on for the past few weeks. It's six cartons, and each carton takes several days to go through. (Reading a lot of the stuff adds time also.)

It is really quiet on the campus. I should find a calendar and see when Summer School starts--if it hasn't already. The librarian is getting caught up on all sorts of stuff.

The trip home involved a turnaround--the Bayou Liberty drawbridge was stuck. At least the alternate route to my house is a similar distance. I feel sorry for those who live further down Bayou Liberty Rd. past the bridge. They have to make a big detour.

CC greeted me and told me she was in danger of starvation. Stripe didn't happen to be around, but I still put food out for him too. When it starts to get dark I'll put out the possum and raccoon treats.

I haven't decided whether to go in to work tomorrow or stay home pulling weeds etc., then go in on Friday. If I sleep well tonight and wake up easily, I'll head for work. If the sound of the alarm makes me want to kill it, I'll get some extra sleep.

Such difficult decisions!

Yep--definitely an IUD.

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