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In the early afternoon the outdoor sensor for the indoor/outdoor thermometer read about 112F.(That F can be converted into an adjective to precede "hot".)

At least the indoor sensor was about ten degrees less. And with the fan set to cyclone it's tolerable--unless you are trying to read the newspaper.

Granted that the outdoor sensor is under the (metal) patio cover, and there were zero breezes this afternoon, but that is still just a wee bit on the warm side.

I spent the morning at the doctor for the semi-annual are you still alive checkup. The verdict was yes, and we'll check again in six months.

I have to remember to call the imaging center for the mammogram and bone density stuff. That place is SO much more efficient than the hospital for routine stuff.

Tomorrow I shall use OPAC. Translation--go in to work. (OPAC=other people's air conditioning)

And it looks like what used to be PJ's is about to open as "Counter Culture." There were a bunch of cars there this morning, as though they were hiring/doing training.???.

Stripe showed up for supper this evening!! This is the first time in a week or so that he's been here at meal time. He curled his lip at me (as usual) as he approached the other half of the can of cat food.

BTW--this is unseasonably hot.

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