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Ditto Yesterday
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Except that today I was at work. Air conditioned work.

Not only did I get a lot done, but I hit a logical stopping point at just about the time I wanted to head for home.

CC greeted me, and as soon I had fed her I headed for the porch with food for Stripe. He was waiting patiently and dug right in.

On the way home I stopped at the supermarket which just recently opened up on my home-bound route.

It's very large, very lovely, and very pricey. I needed possum and raccoon food, and I paid almost double the price per pound at WalMart. And this was for the house brand. I think this will be an emergency only stop in the future.

(Come to think of it, I'll bet the generic cat and dog food would have been cheaper at Walgreen's!)

Their sushi was good, however.

This morning I was running just a bit late--and had almost nothing around to eat--so I swung through McDonald's on my way out of Slidell and got an egg McMuffin and a senior coffee. It was under $2. Best of all, the McMuffin could be eaten very neatly and was quite satisfying. I had them switch the coffee into my travelling cup and that lasted me the better part of the morning.

I'll keep that breakfast option in mind on other work days. I had no wait--there is not a big backup at 6:15 AM.

Enough of the food talk!!

Weather: it was stinking hot again.

Traffic: it was about the same both AM and PM. No slowdowns in the AM, but a bit of one on the way home which closed off 1 1/3 lanes. At least two cars were involved, but apparently no injuries--we'd have heard an ambulance, since the hospitals near the scene have not (yet?) reopened.

A hot weekend ahead, but I need to keep plugging away at the yard and the house.

My Star of Texas plants are blooming. For those who don't know what it is--the flowers are bright red and look sort of like hibiscus. The plant itself is fairly tall and has the sort of leaves that some people mistake for cannibis.

The plant thrives on benign neglect.

The daffodils I put in this spring are still blooming. (Having plastic plants helps avoid my brown thumb disease.)

Time to remove the sweaty upper torso undergarment and settle down for the evening.

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