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Definitely NOT a day for yard work.

Instead, I played with fans.

The one in the den, which no longer has a "low," moved into my office room, where its Med and Hi will do a better job of pushing the AC air toward me.

What about the den?

A week or so ago I bought a replacement fan and this morning I put it together. I'm very glad I know about the parts that get screwed in "backwards." Otherwise I'd be really cussing at it.

Said fan is now much better looking (its predecessor's metal parts were starting to develop rust) and I think is somewhat stronger. And it has three functioning speeds.

The one that I was using to redirect the AC air is now in the den waiting for a time when I am totally bored to (try to) take it apart and give it a good dusting. It's more "decorative" than the usual fans. Remind me to never get another one like this. All fans need to be taken apart regularly and dusted, but this one does not want to be disassembled. I wonder what designer was not thinking about total function when he (probably) designed it.

After the fan games I headed out to PJ's for some OPAC and reading. Current read is one of Susan Wittig Albert's mysteries. Her mysteries are well-crafted, and all have a herbal "theme." Albert was once dean of Newcomb College. I may try to finish it this evening, especially since I have another one in my TBR pile.

When I was about "read out" (even though it wasn't a really good stopping place) I headed back home via WalMart. Top of my list was critter food--at a decent price!! I also got people food and a couple of marked way down blouses that will double as light "jackets."

A guy shopper almost cracked up when I was retrieving a container of sliced beef by way of my cane. I reached up, flipped it off the shelf with the curved end, and caught it. I've gotten pretty good at creative uses for that thing.

When I got home Stripe was waiting for me, along with CC. He ducked under the front porch until he heard dinner being readied. (Either that or CC's vocalizations sent the message.) He still wants to keep at least six feet of distance between us.

It's been so hot and so dry that we are now under a semi-ban on burning. The way I burn stuff is fully compliant, so I have no concerns there. Maybe tomorrow I'll fire up the current pile. I prefer burning about mid-afternoon so that it's just about (if not completely) burned out by the time I'm ready for bed.

And now for an exciting of TV reruns. On some of the really old Game Show reruns I try to guess the year (roughly) by the hairdos, clothing--and appearance of those still telecasting! (It's a good thing they don't run old Price is Right shows--we'd all be sick about the prices.) (Of course, salaries were a LOT lower then too.)

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