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Still Hot
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It continues HOT, but at least the humidity not up there. That, of course, is a mixed blessing. High pressure systems keep hurricanes and other tropical weather out.

YD met me at PJ's to pass along a copy of her book.

The cover is gorgeous--it's got two types of embossing.

And I started reading it already. So far, great! I'm drawn right in at the start.

If your local bookstore doesn't have it (the 23rd is the official release date) bug them to order it. Repeat at all other bookstores in your area.

After meeting, chatting, and then doing some reading, I decided I had plenty of time to get my toe-talons clipped. Monday is a good day to go to the nail salon--normal people have it done before a weekend, not right after.

I'm now all set for the week--toes look respectable, and gas tank is full.

The raccoons will be happy tonight--I bought one of the little round watermelons the other day and now have a rind from about a third of it. I'll cut it into smaller pieces and toss it out for them this evening.

Were it not for the book, today would have been an IUD.

The book changed it all!!

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