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Even Hotter
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I am definitely going in to work tomorrow. My car is air conditioned and so is the building where I work.

By getting there about 7 AM I can park right in front of the building entrance and have very little walking to do.

This is a prime example of OPAC at work.*

Outdoor temps are in the high 90s--most unusual for this area. Humidity in the high 90s is a regular thing, but not temps.

And the radar is virtually clear of those lovely green, yellow, and red blobs which translate as wet stuff.

It is very, very slow at Tulane. About the only visitors I saw were the center director's two grade school kids who got parked in the library where they could do computer stuff.

I did see the former director, who came in for a book or something--or maybe peace and quiet so she could write. I showed her Mark of the Demon (most of the staff at the center knew about the book) and mentioned that the Tulane book store had ordered it. She said she'd stop by there and get herself a copy, saying something about knowing the value of sales.

None of the bazillion copies I preordered were in the mail. (I should really check the front porch--sometimes carriers leave things there.)

The other day I posted my non-running floor fan on Freecycle. A woman contacted me, I gave her directions, and the fan was gone this afternoon. She had picked it up and was going to try her luck at getting it going again.

According to the "tag line" on her e-mail, she runs a drafting service. She sounds like someone interesting.

This evening I shall either watch TV with the fan on Blast, or play mindless computer games in the room with the AC.

The state issued a total burn ban today. Guess I won't be burning the trimmings for a while. It's too hot to work outside anyway.

(I told the librarian I might be in every day of the week if the heat wave lasts.)

Be sure to buy Mark of the Demon if you haven't already. It will really grab you. I realize the author is the spawn of my loins and I am naturally biased, but I'm already very caught up in it.

(Excerpt from book.)

*Other People's Air Conditioning, for those new to this site.

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