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Over 100
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I cannot remember the last time the Slidell high was over 100F, as it was today.

However, we've been having a bit of rain--not enough to do much except raise the humidity even more.

I may go into work again tomorrow just to stay cool.

This afternoon I was engrossed in Mark of the Demon and finished the book. I got to a certain point and just could NOT put it down.

That meant I left work a bit later than usual, but it was well worth it.

I swung through a Wendy's on the way home for a cappuccino Frosty (large) to keep me company on the way home. It lasts most of the drive. And it is cool and refreshing.

When I got home CC told me how hot it had been. I sympathized with her and the fact that she has to wear a fur coat.

I think tonight is the final game in the College World Series. LSU is one of the teams. That means there will be something of interest on TV--unless Omaha gets rained out (which I don't think is likely.)

I put out the regular food for the critters, but now I need to chop up the watermelon rind for the raccoons.

I sure hope the showers will result in a cooler night.

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