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Not quite as hot as yesterday, or maybe I'm getting used to it.

The wet towel around the neck works quite nicely in front of the fan.

So does OPAC.

I used the bank's AC to tend to some financial business this morning--and pimped the book. Then I spent a bunch of time at PJ's where I started reading a book about novels of prehistory (pf), such as the Jean Auel books. It's really quite interesting, especially when certain parallels are drawn to sf.

Feline feeding time was "interesting" with two gentleman callers. Evidently Spot and Stripe worked things out--the noises stopped. They must have realized that there was more than enough for two just waiting to be eaten.

However, I need to check that they left enough for the possum who comes a bit later.

I am not the only person who buys food for the critters--I frequently run into someone else buying for their particular visiting wildlife.

Between Katrina and subsequent building, a lot of habitats got either destroyed or greatly diminished.

Let's see--tomorrow is Friday. I have no plans to go in to work (I've been there my usual two days already this week) and I might be able to get some weeding or whatever done in the morning when it is merely hot--rather than stinkin' hot.

A month from now I'll be on a cruise ship on the Danube River. (Yes--that Danube.)

This evening I'll continue looking at the Lands' End and L.L.Bean catalogs for some more tops. And other stuff. A lot of the summer stuff is already marked down.

And reading another J. D. Robb.

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