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I slept a reasonable amount of time last night, so when I got up it wasn't roasting hot--merely HOT.

Got some "stuff" done around the house, then I headed for a place with AC. In this case, it was PJ's. And I did geekish reading there.

The book on pf (prehistoric fiction) is amazingly interesting, and it fits nicely with my underlying interest in beginnings--or how/why things got to be the way they are. I have several "look ups" on my list from the annotations. If they are in the Tulane library I'll be able to check them out. (Since they aren't women-specific, I doubt they'd be in the Women's Center library.)

The weather here continues to be dominated by a high pressure system. This translates as no rain and little overnight cooldown. Also, very few clouds during the day.

Between the AC in the computer room and my collection of fans in the other rooms I manage. And, of course, I make liberal use of Other People's Air Conditioning.

In the fiction department I'm finishing up a J. D. Robb that I somehow missed. I think I'll get to the end tonight.

Next mind candy book will probably be another Susan Wittig Albert.

And then I'll have to go through my books to decide what to take along on my trip.

It was fortunate that I'd taken several on my ill-fated Kenya trip, because the daily newpaper (even with a crossword puzzle) didn't fill up the time. And most of TV was focused on the Saddam Hussein trial.

And I need to see what changes DOT has made in the hoops you have to jump through to fly out of the U.S.

But now it's time to eat the salad I got at Wendy's on my way home.

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