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Hot, Hot, Hot
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I am getting really tired of this unusual high heat.

This afternoon I was so hot that I settled down on the double papasan in my office room (which has an AC) for about an hour's nap. That almost made up for last night's lousy sleep.

And it also used up enough of the afternoon that it wasn't worth even thinking about yard work.

I haven't decided whether to go in to work tomorrow or not. The big advantage of work is that it's air-conditioned. The disadvantage is that there is stuff needing doing around the house.
If it happens to rain, yard work is out of the question. And, even though it will cool it down a bit, the humidity will shoot up.

It's a no-win situation.

At the rate I'm going, I'll have to put a blindfold on my houseguest!
Oh well.

After my rather lazy afternoon I went to Arby's for supper. I got all excited driving there--there was a huge cloud to my left. However, it didn't come close enough to cool things.

I guess I'll set my alarm for tomorrow morning, and wait till then to make the decision about wheether to go in to work or not.

As for this evening--the usual TV while I finish the J. D. Robb book.

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