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Bleeding Again
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Went to the blood center today to donate and ended up donating platelets again. Everyone who donates in July gets a t-shirt (I now have three of them that are the same) AND a pint of Blue Bell ice cream. Now that last one is really nice. I took chocolate chip mint. It looked like the freezer had just about every flavor it comes in.

It was busy this morning--two of us giving platelets and two more giving whole blood. The staff was kept hopping. It's good to see it busy.

As I walked in one of the staff stopped me to enthuse about Mark of the Demon. I did sort of mention it the last time I was there. (I've concluded that pimping daughter's books is Mom duty.) She said the same thing as some others--once you get about halfway into it you can't put it down.

Oh!--in addition to the ice cream and t-shirt, I also got a truly adorable little (about 4") stuffed white gorilla. YGD will get that.

So--most of my day was taken up with the blood stuff. That's not a bad way to spend a day.

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