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"Glacier" is the name of this color pattern. Of course, by the end of July it will no doubt be a melted glacier, but it's a lot cooler to look at than sunny yellow or orange.

An at-home day, but I didn't quite get around to yard stuff. I had other stuff that was more urgent, and by the time that was done it was too late for outdoor work.

So, after lunch I headed for PJ's where I relaxed with an iced coffee and read more about pf. (Prehistoric Fiction). This book is quite interesting, and I sure wish I was truly competent in written French. I passed the GSFLT in French reading in the late 80s, but used it only once when I was researching something that called for reading 18th century Louisiana legislative summaries. And a couple of the years I needed were available only in French.

Back to pf. A lot of the works cited in it are available only in French. If I was doing a paper or something I'd hire a translator, but I'm not.

Fortunately I glanced at my odometer reading as I left PJ's, because that reminded that I'd better get gas at WalMart/Sam's as well as possum food at WalMart.

Last week I got a small, rather round watermelon, and the raccoons LOVED the chopped-up rind I tossed onto the lawn. (Probably next year there will be watermelons in the woods. ) These are even smaller--about the size of a large honeydew. Another shopper asked if they were any good and I said they usually are--and mentioned my rind-disposal method. Seems the customer does the same thing. There's a lot of not-urban around here. And a lot of crazy people animal lovers who put out food for the critters.

Since it is now July I can start the serious thinking about The Trip. Tomorrow I shall call the people (again) to get the approximate time of arrival for the return trip.
Then I can order the ticket toand from here for my travelling companion.

I ordered another pair of the shoes that work for me as well as several tank tops from Lands' End last week. They will no doubt arrive on a day when I'm at work, but the UPS guy puts packages on my front porch. I don't normally use the front porch entrance (the screen door is hooked on the inside) so I frequently don't look there. Must remember to for a bit.

Last evening CC was so proud of herself--she caught something and had to tell me about it. I think it was a largeish lizard, but there are times when I just praise profusely for the hunt and try to ignore the trophy. At least she didn't bring it inside to play with.

Tomorrow will be another at-home, and then Friday it will be back to the world of poetry and poets.

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