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No fireworks noises--yet.

Of course, it's only 6:30 PM and still bright outside. (Also hot as the dickens.)

There will be noises--later.

Another unremarkable day for me. After lunch I went to PJ's for coffee, reading time, and AC.

I've just about finished the book about pf. Very interesting. Today I was reading about some of the relatively recent authors, such as Jean Auel and the Gears.

I read Auel's first book quite a while ago and had a few problems with her depiction of male/female relations. But at the time I didn't realize that her protagonist was Cro-Magnon, and she came into a Neanderthal group.

There's only a short chapter left in the book and I may finish that tonight.

I've got two books by the Gears ready to go on vacation with me. They are both anthropologists and have more logical depictions of way-back societies than Auel, for instance. I've read a couple of their books already--which is why I have more on my TBR (to be read) shelf.

Of course I ended up with maybe half a dozen more books (pf) that I'd like to read. Fortunately, the more modern ones are in English--unlike the early ones in mostly French.

Just heard the first bang of the evening--from next door, I think. This will not be a night for early to bed. Correction, it will not be a night for early to sleep.

I need to start a TDBT list--to do before trip. I also need to inventory my various suitcases to see what never got unpacked. But why would I unpack electrical adapters? I'm hoping that they are still in a suitcase.

And it would sure be nice if it rained and cooled things down a bit. Maybe all the fireworks will set off some showers this evening. There's a solid reason for that, but I can't remember it at the moment. Or--it may be folklore or something.

Time now to settle down for the eevening. But first I need to feed the critters. And eat half a baby watermelon so I can chop up the rind for a treat for the raccoons.

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