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A vigorous day of doing (almost) nothing.

I had planned to go to church, but got there and no one was there. I guess this was the day for Poetry Sunday of the three-congregation coalition--and since the other two congregations are in New Orleans, that's where joint services generally get held.

This coalition is an outgrowth of Katrina, when the two churches in New Orleans had severe damage, while we had roof damage. Plus, of course, our pecan trees all bit the dust.

At any rate, I went back home, read the paper, then had a delightful "sinking spell." I spent the afternoon doing odd jobs--and reading the Kathy Reichs book Devil Bones. I had started the book when I was donating platelets and the consensus among the readers who were there is that the TV show and the book have almost nothing in common. The books are really great--Reichs goes into a lot of the historical background of her settings. She does not have a lust-interest in an FBI agent in the books. Nor is there a pimply-faced (not really, but he looks like an adolescent) shrink trying to analyze every sentence.

I'm going to try and finish the book this evening while I half watch the TV drivel--much of which is reruns.

Tomorrow I plan to get out early and knock myself out in the yard. I may even call the fire department to check on the status of the burn ban. If it's still in force, I'll just keep building the burn pile higher and bigger.

This week will be a busy one--Tuesday I see my lawyer to sign the updated will, and Wednesday I get a back treatment.

With all that taken care of, I should be ready to focus on the trip--and shovelling out the house so my travelling companion is not utterly appalled at my dust bunny collection.

Dust bunnies actually make good pets--they don't eat much and so they don't need a litter box. And they don't get upset if you accidentally step on one.

And now back to Devil Bones.

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